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Monday, 23 October 2017

May’s Brussels Begging REVEALED

Theresa May’s visit to Brussels last week, when she talked with the leaders of other EU member states, has been hailed as some kind of minor miracle, the sign that those rotten Eurocrats doing the negotiating can be bypassed. It showed that papers likes the Mail, and the Murdoch Sun, were right all along. Sadly, we now know that nothing could be further than the case: our Prime Minister was on little more than a begging errand.
We know this as the Frankfurter Allgemeine has reported on Ms May’s visit, and like the time that Nigel “Thirsty” Farage was quizzed by Die Zeit, the translation from the original German has proved most revealing - indeed, embarrassingly so.

One look at the report tells you all you need to know. “Theresa May asked for help with the Brexit negotiations this week in Berlin, Paris and Brussels … Earlier this week, May and Juncker met again for dinner, this time in Brussels … she begged for help”.

She talked about the risk she took when she recently gave up a hard Brexit course and asked for a transitional period of two years, following current EU rules … She reminded them that she had also moved on the delicate issue of finances”. And there was more.

And she reminded them that her enemies were sitting, waiting for her to fall. She said she had no room for manoeuvre - the Europeans would have to make it for her … she seemed anxious to the President of the Commission, despondent and discouraged … her facial expressions and her appearance spoke volumes”.
And how did other EU leaders perceive her? “Juncker later told his colleagues ‘Everyone can see that The Prime Minister is distracted by the struggle within her own party. Under her eyes she has deep rings. She looks like someone who is not sleeping at night … she looks tormented’”. And as for the idea this was in her diary for some time … well, no.

May asked Juncker for the appointment at the last minute. Before that, she telephoned Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron. They were calls for help. May knew that other EU leaders were not ready to certify ‘sufficient progress’ in the negotiations at the end of the week. This blocked the way into the second phase of negotiations, where she wanted to be. The Prime Minister wanted at least to pave the way for such a move”.

So what did she want? “Could they prevail upon Michel Barnier to move to talks about the transitional phase after her departure?” The payoff? “For May this would have been a great success. It would have softened the strict negotiating plan. And it could reassure British businesspeople, who are becoming increasingly nervous … Several banks have already begun to execute their emergency plans, hire offices in Frankfurt or Paris, relocate business units. Others are preparing for it”.

But what Theresa May actually got, in return for her pleas for something positive to take back with her, was next to nothing. “Merkel, Macron and Juncker could not be softened. All three insisted on further progress, especially on the sensitive issue of money, before there could be direct talks about the future … May received nothing else”.

Forget the press propaganda. Theresa May went on a begging mission, and she came away without even a piece of paper to hold in her hand. Thus the cold, hard reality.

Leave EU Tricks Press - And BBC

For some time now, supposedly mainstream newspapers have been taking “information” fed to them by a group called News-Watch (note the similarity to the title of a BBC programme hosted by Samira Ahmed) and presenting it as authoritative research. This has now been revealed to have been a most unwise move, because News-Watch has been revealed to be yet another part of Arron Banks’ Leave EU campaign.
They conned the press - no wonder they're laughing

The alarm was raised over the weekend after the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph told readersThe BBC invited a third more pro-EU speakers than anti-EU speakers to appear during the election campaign, a report has revealed … A survey of its news coverage during the period between May 3 and June 7 found that of 375 contributors, 189 were pro-EU or expressed negative opinions about Brexit, while just 140 were positive”. And the source for this claim?
All Brexit roads lead to an empty building in Patchway

The report, carried out by media analysts News-watch and commissioned by a cross-party group of Eurosceptic MPs … Kate Hoey, Philip Davies, Kelvin Hopkins, Philip Hollobone, Ian Paisley and Graham Stringer, as well as former Ukip leader Malcolm Pearson”. None of whom were going anywhere near Leave EU last year. They are now.

News-Watch was also quoted by - predictably - the Express, which told readers last week “Listeners of BBC Radio 4's coverage of Brexit are two and a half times more likely to hear the opinions of a pro-EU guest speaker than an anti-EU guest, a report by think tank News Watch found”. And who was backing it? “Conservative MPs Philip Davis and Philip Hollobone, Labour MP Kate Hoey, and the former UKIP leader Lord Pearson”.

The Murdoch Sun was at it too, with Miles Goslett letting the cat out of the bag in no style at all: “In July, a cross-party group of 70 MPs wrote to the BBC complaining it is heavily “in favour of those who wish to water down or even reverse the referendum decision … Their letter followed research painstakingly compiled over months by the pressure group News-Watch, which claimed that Radio 4’s coverage of Brexit was biased”.
And over at the Spectator, none other than Charles Moore was also suckered by this group, citing News-Watch twice in a discussion with the BBC’s Nick Robinson. For The Great Man, it was simply “an organisation that monitors BBC bias”. Was News-Watch behind the infamous recent attack on Daily and Sunday Politics and The Andy Marr Show (tm) over the numbers of pro and anti EU guests they invited on?

News-Watch is also behind BBC Complaints, another site dedicated to undermining the Corporation. And, as Georgy Bradders has discovered, “You can donate to the supposedly ‘independent organisation’ News-Watch - but make your cheques payable to leave EU”. Arron Banks too tight to set up a separate bank account, was he?
The address - a building on Catbrain Lane in Bristol’s northern suburb of Patchway - was discovered by Tweeter John Dalton to be empty. But it is the registered address of a host of Banks-related businesses, something with which the likes of Carole Cadwalladr may already be having some fun. And the conclusion for those press outlets is plain.

You’ve been suckered by phoney “research”. And forget the “we have nothing to do with Leave EU” claims. Because they do. Press and Politicians - hang your heads in shame.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Murdoch’s $100m Sex Pest Shame

The Murdoch mafiosi are still supposedly serious about bidding for the 61% of Sky that they do not yet own. But all the time, lobby groups which have recently been joined by the considerable firepower of Media Matters for America are relaying a steady stream of most unfortunate news to culture secretary Karen Bradley and the UK competition authorities.
Most of that news results from activities at just one Murdoch property, but perhaps the most significant one as far as the Sky bid is concerned, because it is a broadcaster that is already 100% controlled by them. That, of course, is Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), where a culture of alleged sexism, harassment and racism has existed for some years, and which has recently been all over the news Stateside.
First, the FNC founder Roger Ailes was sacked, after a slew of allegations concerning his behaviour towards women. Then it was the turn of top-rating host Bill O’Reilly, who after 20 years was given his marching orders. More recently, the pressure has ramped up on professional loudmouth Sean Hannity after complaints about his conduct. Hannity’s show has been subjected to an increasing advertising boycott.
But now it has all got worse, much worse, after the scale of the payoffs became clear, and rumours began to circulate that FNC - now under the personal control of Rupert Murdoch - was angling to get O’Reilly back on board. Such a move may not be as bad as, say, welcoming Max Clifford back into the PR business, but not by much.
You think I jest here? Consider the evidence coming out of the USA right now. The first hint of what has been going on at FNC came from Brian Stelter of CNN, who told “New statement from Bill O’Reilly’s spokesman says the $32 million leak is ‘obviously designed’ to kill his chances of getting a new TV job”. What was this “$32 million”?
Yashar Ali of New Work Magazine had a further clue, Tweeting out the affidavit signed by Lis Wiehl which ended her claim against O’Reilly and commenting “O'Reilly is touting this as evidence he didn't engage in sexual misconduct. Read it and remember he had to pay $32 mil to get this signature”. Gretchen Carlson, who is one of the women who brought Ailes down, was unimpressed: “Nobody pays $32m for false allegations - nobody”.
And now that there is no claim against Bill-O, guess what? Ed Krassenstein had the answer to that one: “So Fox News has been politicizing Harvey Weinstein for his sexual assault for the past month, but they are working to bring predator Bill O’Reilly back to TV. How much more hypocritical can you get?”. How shameless would that be?
On top of that, Jake Tapper of CNN revealed the dirtiest FNC secret of all. “O'Reilly attorney: Fox has paid close to $100M in settlements to dozens of women lodging complaints against scores of male employees”. That shows not only how much money is sloshing around FNC, but also hints at the scale of misbehaviour.
So now the disgraced O’Reilly (“bestselling historian, loving father”) is able to take to Twitter to enigmatically muse “My investigative team has done a superb job in exposing the lies and smear. I will speak with you on Monday”. But James and Lachlan Murdoch want us all to know FNC has been changed from the top. No it hasn’t. Bye bye Sky bid.

UKIP Hopeful Endorses Racists

We know that Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, takes grave offence at any suggestion that he is a racist. He is not alone: Douglas Murray, he of “conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board”, has even hinted that he is willing to resort to legal action when accused of hate speech. Both of these individuals are now in one of those Extremely Difficult Positions.
Anne Marie Waters - addressed racist gathering ...

This is down to their past proximity to one Anne Marie Waters, with whom Murray has shared a platform at debates and on TV programmes, and with whom Lennon launched an organisation called Pegida UK. Lennon strongly endorsed Ms Waters in her bid for the UKIP leadership earlier this year. Now she has launched a new party, not that this is meant to be an echo of Oswald Mosley, you understand.

Her party is called For Britain, and claims “For Britain will be the only political party to truly represent the interests of the forgotten people of Britain … We will not be a part of politicians – we will represent the concerns of the people that politicians forget, and we won’t slander those who are brave enough to talk about the most defining issues of the 21st Century”. And what issues might those be?
... but no comment from him ...

Well, this is what she says elsewhere on the For Britain site: “Centuries of political and social revolution, the enlightenment, science and the advancement of civil rights have made Europe the cradle of Western civilization. Democracy, science, law - Europe has been at the forefront of these and we cannot turn back now to accommodate people from countries that have not experienced our progress. Islamic culture for example has not, and the people of Britain, and across Europe, are paying a heavy price for this”.

Yes, it’s all about attacking those Scary Muslims (tm). But yesterday, Anne Marie Waters went further. A lot further. She spoke at the conference of the Traditional Britain Group, a name that will be familiar to Zelo Street regulars.

TBG has featured such luminaries as recent speaker Adrian Davies, “previously an executive council member of the Conservative Monday Club [and] a former executive committee member of Tory Action”. The latter group was co-founded by Airey Neave and G K Young. Tory Action’s “aims” included a “repatriation programme”. The Monday Club was frequently addressed by Enoch Powell, solely because of the notoriety he had gained from his 1968 “Rivers of Blood” speech. Can it get worse? It surely can.
... and no comment from him either

Another TBG favourite is Sam Swerling, self-confessed “Tory Nationalist” and former chairman of, yes, the Monday Club. Swerling had also, by his own admission, been a member of the BNP for five years. And then there is Gregory Lauder-Frost, former political secretary of the Monday Club, whose speeches to TBG include one on “Immigration and repatriation”. Lauder-Frost is vice president of TBG.

TBG are, let us not drive this one around the houses for too long, unreconstructed racists. And that is with whom Anne Marie Waters is now happy allying herself. Perhaps Murray and Lennon would like to distance themselves from her latest move.

Or perhaps they won’t. But they’re not racists. So don’t say they are.

Tory Misogyny - It’s A Bitch

While an increasing number of Tory MPs and their cheerleaders in both old and new media continue to put the boot in on Labour MP Clive Lewis, because he used the term “bitch” - even though it was to another man - all those attacking Lewis have somehow forgotten that the Tories are standing in an awfully draughty glasshouse when it comes to demeaning or insulting anyone - including their fellow politicians.
That’s because several Tory MPs have been caught in various acts of demeaning and insulting others, including the use of that term that got Clive Lewis so much attention at the end of last week. And, by complete coincidence you understand, none of the acts about to be described has been used as hit piece fodder by most of our free and fearless press - not, of course, that we should take this as a sign of bias.

Take Philip Davies, for instance, and an increasing number of voters in his Shipley constituency wish someone would. “A Conservative MP with a reputation for targeting bills protecting women’s rights has broken his own record by talking for more than 90 minutes in an attempt to derail a measure demanding the government ratify a treaty on domestic violencetold the Guardian recently. He lost. But it was entirely in character.

Or how about deployment of the C-Word in the Commons? Back in early 2015 we readLabour tells Tory minister accused of swearing at Ed Miliband to apologise … Anna Soubry denies shouting ‘the foulest word’ at party leader but officials still demand she says sorry”. She called the then Labour leader a “sanctimonious c***”. Derek and Clive (and Paul Dacre) would have been proud of her. She got away with that one.

Maybe a little misogyny would be treated differently? Not in the Tory Party. “Brexit secretary David Davis has apologised after private text messages emerged in which he insulted Diane Abbott”. That was after a drunken move on Ms Abbott in a Commons bar. Was the whip withdrawn from him, as Tories are now demanding of Lewis? You jest - he is still very much in post. And he isn’t the only cabinet minister to stray.

Dead cat slinger supreme Michal Fallon was briefly in the mire in 2014: “Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is at the centre of an explosive row over claims he called a woman a ‘slut’ in a bar”. And there was more. “Mr Fallon faced further questions over a separate incident in which his party ‘minder’ intervened to get him away from an attractive Russian blonde, after he gatecrashed a party … According to some reports, Mr Fallon was seen touching the woman”. He, like Davis, is still in post. Along with his hands.

Also still in post in Scottish Secretary David Mundell, who was caught on camera earlier this year abusing Labour MP Yvette Cooper. And what did Mundell call her? He can be clearly seen saying “bitch”. That’s the same term for which Clive Lewis is being pursued by slavering Tories and their press pals. He, like Davis and Fallon, is still in post.

And that’s before we consider the racist language deployed on more than one occasion by London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, who, like his three pals, is still in the cabinet. Yet Tory MP Nusrat Ghani is pushing for a Commons debate about Clive Lewis. Double standards? You don’t say!

Top Six - October 22

So what’s hot, and what’s not, in the past week’s blogging? Here are the six most popular posts on Zelo Street for the past seven days, counting down in reverse order, because, well, I have places to go and people to see later. So there.
6 Uber - Tory Interference BUSTED Not content with starting a petition in favour of Uber, the Tories in London are now out and about leafletting for them, claiming that this is all about “choice”. But if it’s about choice, why shill for only one company?

5 Arron Banks And The Dark Money How did the alleged “man who bankrolled Brexit” manage to afford all those millions paid out to finance the Leave campaign? He isn’t about to tell us - but ultimately, someone will.

4 The Disowning Of Rupert Myers After a card-carrying Tory was accused of being a sex pest, those out there on the right lost no time desperately reinventing him as some kind of rabid leftist.

3 Uber Britannia - You’re Having A Laugh More accounts presented, more numbers that bear no relation to the amount of money being taken in fares.

2 Katie Hopkins Assassination Lies The pro-am motormouth played the victim in no style at all after a new play was publicised about her fictional death.

1 Football Lads Alliance INFILTRATED The supposedly not really bigoted, Islamophobic or racist group has now been shown to have among its ranks Islamophobes, racists, neo-Nazis - and the occasional terrorist.

And that’s the end of another blogtastic week, blog pickers. Not ‘arf!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Sun In Brexit La La Land

After more talks in Brussels over the departure of Britain from the EU, very little progress has yet been made. The 27 other member states will discuss trade, but only with one another. Optimistic noises have been made about moving the Brexit talks on to their next phase, but with the ominous condition that “more progress” is made. And the small matter of the so-called “divorce settlement” has still to be settled.
This is the reality of the situation facing Theresa May and her Government right now. But for the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, reality cannot possibly be allowed to enter, at least not in the version they give to their dwindling readership. Today’s editorial has an authorised version devoid of reality. So on with the fisking.

PM hints we might up our cash offer - and suddenly the EU wants to talk about trade deals”. Not with us, and not yet. Try again. “EU leaders need to be realistic, both on the bill  voters here will stomach and our willingness to walk away”. As if the writ of the Murdoch press extends to having any effect in Brussels of Strasbourg.

The fantasy of the Baby Shard bunker gets worse. “The initial demand, for 100billion euros, was laughable”. There was no initial and concrete figure, so there was no demand. “President Macron still says our £18billion offer is less than half what they want”. And when did he say that? “An EU diplomat puts that figure at a staggering £48billion”. No citation for that (again).

And worse. “Our PM would need to  convince taxpayers why  that huge sum, or anything like it, is  worth paying to maintain tariff-free trade with the  single market  while freeing us  to make our own lucrative deals unbound by Brussels’ rules”. Unless we’re in the Single Market, we aren’t getting proper tariff free trade. And if we are inside, we aren’t making any deals by ourselves. Moreover, “lucrative” is bullshit. We will not do better than what the EU has already negotiated.

Have another go. “But Macron, Angela Merkel and others must understand  Britain is not bluffing about taking our chances and abandoning ship without paying a penny”. We pay nothing, we get no preferential access. But we do get a reputation as an untrustworthy potential trade partner; our future deals will suffer accordingly.

Can it get any more lame? Don’t bet against it. “If they continue delaying trade talks in December, our Government and businesses must plan for leaving on WTO rules. It may gain unstoppable momentum”. WTO rules, if the other WTO members agree (big if) will mean tariffs enough to screw our manufacturing base and ramp up unemployment. But it will attract lots of disaster capitalists.

Then comes the ultimate Walter Mitty sign-off: “Brussels must not overplay its hand”. Yeah, right. Unless and until our Government can sort itself out, nobody can play their hands, good, bad or indifferent.

The Brexit talks are making hardly any progress. And when they do, it will be the EU27 who make the running, and make the decisions. It would help the Sun’s remaining shreds of credibility to be honest with their readers - and quit lying.

Justine Greening’s Kinder, Gentler Hypocrisy

After Clive Lewis was singled out for another punishment beating by the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, along came a series of principled and righteous Tory politicians to assist these less than highly principled individuals in putting the boot into the Rotten Lefties (tm). One of the more righteous of this group was the women and equalities minister Justine Greening.
The recent use of language by Clive Lewis MP was totally and utterly unacceptable in the world of the ‘kinder, gentler politics’ you claim to support … Senior women in the Labour party have understandably condemned his words, and as leader of the Labour party, you should too … Will you now step forward and condemn the sexist language of Clive Lewis, and the unacceptable attitudes that lie behind it, and set out how you plan to tackle misogyny in the Labour party?she said in a letter to Jeremy Corbyn.
Well, there are three things to which Ms Greening might do well to pay heed before she starts down that road. One is to ensure she gets right what Jezza actually said about “kinder politics”. This is what he told the 2015 Labour Conference.

It is this sense of fair play, these shared majority British values, that are the fundamental reason why I love this country and its people … These values are what I was elected on: a kinder politics and a more caring society … These are Labour values and our country's values”. Jeremy Corbyn never said “kinder, gentler politics.
Can it get worse for the minister? Moving on to point two, we see that Ms Greening has no room to call out anyone in the Labour Party for sexism, unacceptable attitudes, misogyny or anything else, as the testimonies of three young women have shown.
Dawn Foster told “Ironically the reaction to the Clive Lewis video has been an absolute torrent of misogyny sent my way purely because I was stood next to him …. Including emails saying men hoped I was sexually assaulted, beaten up and one guy who despite me tweeting about Catholicism a lot decided I'm ‘secretly Jewish’ and it's a shame I didn't end up in a gas chamber. Not dealt with Guido's acolytes before but they're utterly vile”.
Frankie Leach, North West Young Labour women’s officer, gave The Great Guido short shrift: “You tried to ruin my life when I was 19 by implying I gave out sexual favours in return for committee positions within Momentum. Get fucked”. And Abby Tomlinson of Milifandom fame added “This happened to me too, when I was 17. Got endless abuse from stuff they wrote. Guido don’t give a shit about women”.
But Justine Greening won’t be calling the Fawkes rabble out. And three, she was a very close friend of Mark Clarke of Tory bullying infamy. But when he was misbehaving his way to the top, what did she say then? Nothing. Nil. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Not a sausage. Bugger all. And that business ended not with a few people being abusive on Twitter, but a young activist taking his own life. Nothing like looking the other way.

The Tory Party is rife with hypocrisy. Justine Greening has now confirmed that she is a full participant in this enterprise. Pass the sick bag.

Guido Fawked - Propaganda Bitch

Once again, rather a lot of our free and fearless press, and to their shame some broadcasters too, have been taking the malicious partisanship of the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog as legitimate news. This has resulted in Labour MP Clive Lewis, a favourite Fawkes target, but not because of any racist motive you understand, getting it in the neck.
Hello gullible media folk - this is who you're all enabling

As the BBC report tells, “A Labour MP has apologised for using ‘offensive and unacceptable’ language at the party conference last month … Norwich South MP Clive Lewis was filmed on stage at a fringe event in Brighton saying: ‘Get on your knees, bitch’ - the video emerged on social media”. The video, in fact, had emerged some weeks previously, and has only just been discovered by The Great Guido.
We know this as “Aaron Bastani, the co-founder of left wing website Novara Media, tweeted: ‘I was there. The video has been up at @novaramedia for a month - Clive was saying this to a man’”. Sadly, some MPs - even in his own party - did not bother to ask such questions before tamely toddling along after the Fawkes rabble and lining up before whatever media outlets they could find to express shock and outrage.
Tory MPs were also, as befits a party of shameless hypocrisy, taking turns to kick Lewis. But no-one asked the obvious question: wasn’t The Great Guido indulging in a little double standards once more? And, as so often, the answer was that, well, yes he was.
The instances of the word “bitch” in the Fawkes twitter feed are legion. “How much are you offering and what does the bitch look like?” was an early example of this craft, with the kicking of Labour MPs evident soon after. “He thought it was a Shad Cab meeting >> @eyespymp: Last night: Ben Bradshaw dancing on stage at cabaret show 'Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!’”. And there was more - rather a lot more.
No Fawkes abuse collection would be complete without a smear of Owen Jones. This is no exception: “Owen denies he's Len McCluskey's bitch, yet here's photographic evidence that he's kept on Len's leash”. Then there are all those instances of “bitch slap” that The Great Guido loves to deploy, such as “Evan just bitch-slapped Bryant into stuttering ‘I accept responsibility’ for (his words) sloppy and half-formed speech/briefing #R4today”.
Was there yet more? You jest - there’s plenty more. There are all the “bitch fight” claims, including “International Bitch Fight”, “LibDem Lords Bitch Fight”, “Tory Membership Bitch Fight”, “Twitter Media Bitch Fight”, and the regular “Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week”.
On it goes, with “Peak Roger Lord: ‘Douglas Carswell is Nigel’s bitch; he will perpetually be picking up the political equivalent of prison soap’”, via the rather more brief “It's Alesha, bitch” to “Latency is a bitch” and “Democracy's a bitch”.

Then, just for one Labour MP who has trouble engaging brain before mouth, came the pièce de résistance. “Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: @StanCollymore v @jessphillips, featuring Ulrika and dogging”. Did she complain about that as vehemently as she did about Clive Lewis? As if you need to ask.

And this is what the press takes as a source of genuine news. Sad, really.

Friday, 20 October 2017

The Disowning Of Rupert Myers

Junior barrister and contributor to GQ Magazine, the Telegraph, and Conservative Home Rupert Myers has vanished from Twitter. He has been sacked by GQ, and disowned by many across the political spectrum. This is not unconnected to his being accused of not being able to behave himself in a grown-up manner when alone with a member of the opposite sex. And that should have been that.
Won't be doing any of that for a while

But for many out there on the right, a problem entered: they could not possibly stand by and say nothing, because surely some Rotten Lefty (tm) would tar them all with the same brush. This, of course, assumes anyone left of them adheres to their low standards in such matters. So Myers had to be disowned, and preferably reinvented as a leftist.
The convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart knew exactly what they had to do: “Anti-Brexit, Pro-Social Justice GQ Writer Rupert Myers Sacked After Sexual Assault Allegationsthey proclaimed, making sure to tell that he had contributed to the Guardian and Independent, and stressing “The liberal journalist has written at length against U.S. President Donald Trump, Brexit, and a host of other folk devils of the Left”.
Also on Planet Breitbart, James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole knew who to blame: “Not remotely interested in Rupert Myers's private life. His SJW proselytising, however, was utterly inexcusable - and did real harm, I think”. Another Kool-Aid drinker even managed “Far-Left SJW Commentator For Anti-Trump Propaganda Network GQ Facing Allegations Of Sexual Assault - Dominoes Falling”. Wibble.
The idiocy went on. “Two male feminist anti-Brexit anti-Trump 'journalists' just got outed for sexual assaulters i.e. Sam Kriss and Rupert Myers … LOOLLOLOLOL” was one example, and “Patronising liberal journalist who made jibes about Catholic priests wearing dresses, turns out to be a slimy toad” from Caroline Farrow, of alternate reality notoriety, another.
But here a problem entered: actual reality. Someone admitted into the hallowed halls of Conservative Home is hardly going to be a raving leftist. Another Angry Voice duly brought the batshit tendency down to earth with “Amazing: Rupert Myers (Daily Mail, Spectator, Telegraph, Conservative Home) is outed as a creepy sex pest, & now he's suddenly a ‘leftie’!” Also, he was not just a conservative, he was a Tory Party member.
As one Tweeter pointed out, “So now he's a confirmed sex creep, Rupert Myers, deputy chairman of the Bermondsey and Old Southwark Conservative Association is a ‘leftie’”. Yes, Myers, far from being a “liberal”, an “SJW”, “Far-left”, or “feminist”, was a Tory activist in a position of no little influence within the party. That this was not brought up beforehand has more to do with some on Planet Earth knowing misbehaviour is not party political.
What is most revealing here is how those out there on the right - unprompted - see these revelations not as what they are, but an opportunity to indulge in a little smearing on the back of them. Somebody must have an awfully empty diary.

Toby Young’s Oxford Giveaway

After Labour MP David Lammy observed that “10 out of 32 Oxford colleges did not award a place to a black British pupil with A-levels in 2015”, that “Oriel College only offered one place to a black British A-level student in six years”, and “Similar data released by Cambridge revealed that six colleges there failed to admit any black British A-level students in the same year”, he had harsh words for the two institutions.
As the Guardian has reported, “Lammy said the figures showed that many colleges at both Oxford and Cambridge failed to reflect the UK’s population, and called into question the universities’ claims to national standing … ‘This is social apartheid and it is utterly unrepresentative of life in modern Britain,’ Lammy said”. There was more.

He went on “Difficult questions have to be asked, including whether there is systematic bias inherent in the Oxbridge admissions process that is working against talented young people from ethnic minority backgrounds … there are almost 400 black students getting three As at A-level or better every year”. Very few apply to Oxford or Cambridge.
Lammy also made this comment on the Radio 4 Today Programme this morning: “Many more children coming from London and the south east, the children of bankers, judges, making their way to Oxbridge but children in our housing estates even if they get three As they’re not able to get in”. Even if they get three As.
For some within the establishment, Lammy’s criticism presents a challenge, while for others it is a chance to pooh-pooh criticism and claim that it is all someone else’s fault. The latter course was far easier for the loathsome Toby Young, who is skating on perilously thin ice when it comes to talking of those from a privileged background getting into Oxford. Tobes decreed that this was not the Universities’ problem.
Reason there are so few black students at Oxford is because too few apply. Falsely accusing the university of racism will make things worse”. If they aren’t going to get in, who can blame them? Do go on. “I wrote about why there are so few black students at Oxford here. Public education system to blame, not Oxford”. If they get three As or better, it’s got very little to do with the public education system.
Could Sir make an even more lame suggestion? As if you need to ask: “Best way to boost the number of black students at elite universities is to set up more free schools like this one”. But Tobes’ own journey to Oxford illustrates the problem.
By his own admission, he only got in due to the combination of an administrative error - and the personal intervention of his father, Labour peer Michael Young (author of the 1945 Labour manifesto, though Tobes would rather not talk about that). He did not get the grades specified in his previous conditional offer.

Toby Young does David Lammy’s work for him, showing why black students might have difficulty getting into Oxford - there won’t be so many places on offer if someone else has been effectively pulling rank. Might have been best to keep schtum on that one.

Arron Banks’ Soros Meltdown

The Parliamentary intervention yesterday by Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, where he wondered aloud how Arron Banks, the so-called “man who bankrolled Brexit”, managed to afford all those millions he put into campaigns advocating for a Leave vote in last year’s EU referendum, has met with an instant response from The Great Man himself, released under the auspices of the Leave EU organisation.
Here, Banks manages to achieve what Bradshaw did not - to reveal a deeply paranoid state of mind, to tell the world that he is increasingly worried about the activities of certain journalists, to deploy a series of characterisations that would not be out of place in 1930s Germany or any more modern far right movement, and therefore to commend his critics to continue their enquiries. It was an own goal of magnificent proportions.

Here’s what Banks had to say: “The ‘series of investigative reports’ Ben Bradshaw refers to were published by Open Democracy, a political website funded by none other than globalist George Soros, an expert in ‘dark money’”.

Globalist. Well, at least he didn’t say “Jewish”. But what of Open Democracy’s funding? It is true that Soros’ Open Society Foundation and Initiative have donated to this enterprise, but (a) if Soros was trying to exert leverage as a quid pro quo, many other Open Democracy donors would not be there, and (b) Open Democracy are, well, open about where the money comes from. Unlike Arron Banks and Leave EU.
As to the “dark money” expertise attributed to Soros, he can’t be very good at it if he donates to groups who are transparent about their funding. Still, on he digs. “If Mr Bradshaw is intent on following up on the conspiracies of the likes of Carole Cadwalladr, I suggest he starts with Soros, Goldman Sachs and the other corporates who attempted but spectacularly failed to scare Britain into remaining in the European Union”.

Goldman Sachs. But at least he didn’t say “Jewish bankers”. As to the dig at Ms Cadwalladr, this is  dead giveaway, as it was when the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog went after her. She was not mentioned by Bradshaw, so why does Banks do so? And good to see that Banks, while claiming to be worth all that money, is so peevish about organisations that really are worth a lot of money.

Can he complete his selling of the pass? He certainly can: “Just like Crooked Hillary, Mr Bradshaw still fails to understand why his side lost, and thus continues to peddle this rather tedious myth of a Russian conspiracy. Sad!” And another giveaway.
Neither Bradshaw, nor Open Democracy, were linking Banks to the Trump Gang. But by throwing in that casual smear of Hillary Clinton, Banks volunteers the link for them. As for understanding why the Remain camp lost, that is the whole point of the exercise - and far from failing to understand, Bradshaw and others of like mind are now understanding the reasons all too well. Can it get worse? Yes it can.

The “tedious myth of a Russian conspiracy” is Banks’ own invention. Those investigating his activities have noted the presence of Russia-friendly people, but have not gone as far as that. Arron Banks should have heeded the words attributed to Denis Thatcher: “better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”.